Merrimack Youth Baseball - a great local organization focused on providing the best baseball experience to kids and families in the town of Merrimack!

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New To MYB?

The MYB begins to publicize sign-up dates and times on the MYA sign on DW Highway, as soon into each new year as possible. We also publicize sign-ups at schools with flyers that go home with children, and also in our local paper. We host at least 3 separate sign-up weekends in hopes to accommodate every family. So you’ve registered your child for baseball. Great, then what? Well, you were told at sign-ups whether or not your child needed to try out, so be sure to get your child there if needed. Teams of every level are then created in late March or early April after try-outs and drafts are completed. You can expect a phone call from your child’s team Manager any time in the first couple of weeks of April. If you have not heard from a team’s Manager by the 15th of April, please call any Board member and we will get you the information you need. Remember that try-outs are held only as a measure to attempt to spread out talent amongst teams – ALL children who register to play baseball, get placed on a team.

The only equipment you will need to supply for your child is a baseball glove, proper footwear [sneakers for TBall and Rookie, and cleats for other divisions] and an athletic cup. Thanks to our many sponsors, your child will be provided with a uniform to play in. Uniforms and other information will be handed out at one of your first pre-season team practices, by your child’s Manager or the Team Parent.

Your child’s practices begin when the Town of Merrimack releases the fields to play on. Dependent on field conditions, we may start practicing as early as the first week in April, or as late as the last week. Your child’s team Manager may not be able to provide you with a lot of notice as to the date of the first practice, because he or she may not be notified until the day before the fields are released. Pre-season practices (those that are before Opening night) can start anytime after April 1st allowing for three practices per week – one weeknight, one Saturday and one Sunday (T-Ball League, not applicable). Once the regular season commences after Opening night, players move into their game schedules with only the Sunday practice remaining.

The season kicks off with a prideful Opening Day Parade on the last Friday evening of school vacation week, in late April or early May. Every player is invited to participate in the parade with their team. Your child’s coach and/or Team Parent willlarge_OpeningDayParade_2008_0.jpg provide a meeting place and details for this night. The Parade is a short walk from Lady of Mercy Church down to DW Highway, past the library and finally down to Bise Field. Teams in full uniform will be assembled on the field for the singing of the national anthem, and a dynamic pep talk by a Board member to have a fun and memorable baseball season. A game between 2 teams from the Majors division then follows under the lights. Concessions will be open and many families make a night of it eating dinner, while watching some baseball. Regular season games begin the next day (Saturday). The baseball season is short here in New England as our Regular season ends right around the last week of the school year – enjoy every minute of it!

Like most youth sports, our program is entirely dependent upon volunteers. While very little is required of parents, any help is appreciated. At the T-Ball and Rookie levels it takes much more than a single coach to assure a player’s safety. At this age you FisherCats09_0_0.jpgare not allowed to drop your child off at practice or a game then leave. If a coach is left on his/her own to assure all players’ safety, very little baseball will ever be taught or played. If you know nothing about baseball but are able to interact well with others, step up and be the Team Parent. Team Parents help organize the uniforms, scheduling of team pictures, and Fisher Cats tickets. Families of children who play at Bise and Amtech will be asked to help in the Concessions at those fields – Team Parents will tell you how! The more you put into your child’s program, the more your child will receive from it. A lot of lifelong friendships are created when parents gather to help at the baseball fields. Contact a Board Member at any point throughout the year with concerns, questions or feedback of any kind, and know that your voice will be heard. Thank you.