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Cal Ripken CoachingCertification

There is no one single action that can have more of a positive impact on our players than improving the quality and knowledge of our managers and coaches. It is a fact that managers and coaches are the ones who spend the most time interacting with our participants and the ones who can make a child's experience in youth sports fun and memorable. Therefore, it is very important for youth coaches to be properly trained to focus more on the child's baseball and softball experience and less on winning games.

With this in mind, the Babe Ruth League/Ripken Baseball Coaching Certification Program was developed. Under the program, which took effect at the start of the 2008 season, all baseball and softball coaches must complete coaching education and certification.

The MYB Strongly recommends all managers and coaches to take this course as it will give you and your team an edge in running both a successful practice, but help you connect with your players to help them understand the game of baseball.


The Babe Ruth League/Ripken Baseball Coaching Certification Program is developed and delivered by the American Sport Education Program in conjunction with Babe Ruth League, Inc. and Ripken Baseball, Inc. For more than 25 years, local, state, and national sport organizations have partnered with ASEP to lead the way in making sport a safe, successful, and enjoyable experience for all involved.

Please review the FAQ's which do apply to all Cal Ripken Leagues. If you have additional questions after reviewing the FAQ's,  please contact your local Cal Ripken Baseball League board member.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Babe Ruth League Coaching Education Program requirement?
The requirement is that all baseball and softball coaches affiliated with either organization must become certified must become certified by the beginning of the 2008 season.

What are the online courses being offered through ASEP?
Coaching Youth Baseball: The Ripken Way for Babe Ruth Baseball Coaches
Coaching Youth Softball: The Ripken Way for Babe Ruth Softball Coaches

How much does the course cost?
The courses are $19.95 each. The certification will be good for three years (breaking down to $6.65 per year), making it affordable for each coach to pay for their own online program.

How do I purchase the course?
Click on the Coaches tab and follow the simple prompts. You will need a Visa or MasterCard credit or debit card to make the purchase through the Web site.

What is the format of the course?
The courses are Web-based, with all content (reading material), animation, audio clips, quizzes, and test being delivered over the Internet.

Will I receive course materials in the mail prior to taking the course?
No, nothing will be mailed to you; all course content is delivered electronically through the online course. Once you purchase your course, you can take it immediately; you do not need to wait for anything to be mailed to you.

How long is the certification valid?
By taking the ASEP course, coaches are certified for three years. At the end of three years, coaches will need to renew their certification by participating in a to-be-developed course.

How long does the course take to complete?
Coaches should expect to spend two to three hours going through the online course. Careful reading of the PDF book and other materials found within the course will require additional time (well spent!).

Can someone not affiliated with Babe Ruth League or Ripken Baseball take the course?
Yes, but we would recommend the coach consult his or her organization to ensure that the Babe Ruth/Ripken version will satisfy the coaching education requirements of the non-affiliated organization. If a person is taking the course for his or her own professional development and not to satisfy a requirement, the coach would simply select "Other" from the drop-down menu during the registration process.

Will coaches receive a certificate of course completion?
After successfully completing the course, coaches have the ability to print a certificate of completion and wallet card directly from the site. However, we will not be mailing certificates.

How do I print my certificate?
To print a certificate of course completion, visit the Coaches area of the site, sign in using your e-mail address and password, and click on the Certified text link. (You cannot print a certificate if you haven’t completed the course.) From that screen, you’ll be given the option to print your certificate and e-mail your course transcript.

Will there be a National Coaches Registry for the site?
Yes, there will be an NCR, but it will not be open to the public. Only administrators will have access to the registry to run reports for their individual leagues.

What are the technical requirements for viewing the course?
Click here for a detailed listing of technical requirements.